The revelations
of a terroir…

The Saget family is proud of its historic birthplace in the village of Pouilly-sur-Loire.

Clair de Brumes invites you to immerse yourselves in a magically atmospheric cloud settled along the banks of the Loire… As the sun comes up, a light fog embraces the still-slumbering vines. The stars fade gently away, bringing the mist to the foreground of a captivating canvas. This canvas reveals the hidden memories, the secrets of the soil, and the imprint of the skilful hands that have shaped this unique terroir over the generations.

Because they are multi-faceted, these morning mists are both a source of mystery and inspiration. They embody the power of nature and the changing seasons with their stunning panoramas. Within their nuances, each reflects our vineyards and our unique winegrowing ethos. We are paying tribute to the many moods these mists create and the microclimates that give rise to them.

With Clair de Brumes, we are capturing, in the bottle, our love of the Pouilly-Fumé AOC and our commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly winegrowing practices. Through a drinking experience that reveals the uniqueness of each plot of vines, you will discover the authenticity and magic of our terroirs, where the mist, like a cloud gently settled over our land, reveals many secrets…

In the early down,

an enigmatic portent,

traces the lines,

of a magical fresco,

in soft rays.




“Présage” is a blend of various Pouilly-Fumé AOC terroirs offering a representative expression of this wonderful appellation.

To preserve every nuance, the wine is fermented by vineyard of origin and then blended during the ageing process.

Like sweet poetry,

Vaurigny paints,

a thousand pictures,

with harmonious contours,

on the celestial canvas.




The “Vaurigny” plot is located in the commune of Pouilly-sur-Loire in the heart of the AOC area and covers 2.02 hectares.

The southwest-facing vines are planted in ”Petites Caillottes” soils (small limestone pebbles mixed with clay) on Barrois limestone.
The wines are remarkably well-balanced.

In the very heart of the desert,

with its endless,


the wind creates imprints,

like treasures

waiting to be discovered.


Les déserts


Located in Saint-Andelain, the AOC’s highest-lying village, the “Les Déserts” plot covers 1.01 hectares with Kimmeridgian marl soils.

Its westerly exposure and late-ripening terroir result in wines with an assertive character and a particularly elegant structure.

Beneath the floating mist,

the rocks sculpt

the earth,

like living tableaux,

stories told

in the light.


Les Roches


“Les Roches”, a 1.01-hectare plot of vines growing on rocky limestone terrain, is located on the banks of the Loire in the commune of Pouilly-sur-Loire.

This early-ripening, southwest-facing terroir generally produces lovely ripe grapes, resulting in dense and radiant wines.

clair de

la Castille

58150 Pouilly-sur-Loire

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